Thursday, March 31, 2011


I made this cake as a surprise, to farewell a colleague. It is a Vanilla Bean Cake filled and iced with White Chocolate Ganache and then decorated in fondant.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tempting the Tastebuds

Over the last few weeks I have been scanning the Internet and cookbook aisles of bookstores looking for cake recipes, to add a little variety to the mix. This has been a very interesting exercise, not only have I found some new recipes and exciting flavours, I have also picked up quite a few baking tips along the way.
Last weekend I baked a lemon, lime and white chocolate mud cake. The cake was filled and covered in a coconut, lemon, lime and white chocolate ganache. I was a little concerned the ganache may have been a little too rich. However, my judges (my husbands shift of approximately 16 people at his Fire Station) gave me rave reviews, "spot on", "the best yet", and "that cake was to die for". I myself did not taste the cake so I'll rely on their judgement.
NB. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of this cake.

This week I was very excited to find some very interesting recipes and I was keen to experiment a little more. To pick up a few rare but essential ingredients I visited The Essential Ingredient - Rozelle, this store is fabulous, and I spent far too much money. After admiring my purchases and reviewing a few recipes I decided upon Lavender and Honey Cup Cakes. I implemented the new tips I had picked up through my research and took great care with the ingredients, mixing and baking. The end result was 18 lovely cupcakes that have again been sent off to my "judges" - I'll keep you posted on the feedback.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Afternoon Tea

My lovely 3 year old niece helped me bake some vanilla cupcakes to take to Poppy's house for afternoon tea. The cakes were iced with meringue buttercream.